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Building the Website, Saas Apps

Building the Website

Building website: AI has been one of the more potent and revolutionary technologies of the modern era. It has the ability to improve productivity, provide solutions to issues, and create value across a range of fields and sectors. But many people who wish to employ AI for their goals find that it requires technical skills or coding knowledge to construct AI solutions.

Could AI-powered applications be created and customised without the need for coding knowledge? What if you could create AI tools for any purpose, including data analysis, lead generation, content production, and more, using only natural language prompts? What if you could make money off of your skills and creativity by selling AI tools to clients or customers?

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You will learn precisely that in this course!

You will learn how to use Formwise in this course, a platform that lets you create and modify AI-powered applications without coding or technical skills. You'll learn:

  • Make an account to examine the Formwise UI and dashboard.

  • Look for AI tool or prompt ideas across a range of areas and use cases.

  • Use natural language prompts to create your first artificial intelligence application.

  • Tailor and arrange the fields in your AI application.

  • Give your AI app a theme and change the parameters.

  • Examine and evaluate your AI tool.

  • Make your AI tool public and distribute it to others.

  • Examine and save the AI answers that your tool produced.

  • Using prompt chaining, unique data sources, and toolsets, create sophisticated AI tools.

  • Modify or remove your AI tool.

  • Integrate your AI tool into your blog or website.

  • Connect your AI applications to other platforms like Zapier, GoHighLevel, and so on.

  • Identify independent contractors in need of AI solutions for their objectives or issues.

  • Make money by offering your SaaS startup or AI apps to clients or customers.

  • On platforms like Product Hunt, Futurepedia, There's an AI for That, and so forth, launch your AI apps or SaaS business.

  • Create an affiliate network for your startup AI Saas application.

  • Speak with influential people who can help you launch an AI SaaS app.

  • Make money with your AI Saas apps in a number of ways.

You will have the skills and assurance to use Formwise to create and market white-label AI-powered products by the end of the course. Additionally, you will possess a portfolio of AI tools that you may provide to potential clients or consumers. Anyone who wants to learn how to create and modify AI-powered apps without coding should take this course. This course will be beneficial to you whether you are a student, professional, enthusiast, or entrepreneur if you have an interest in:

  • Examining the promise and possibilities of Chat GPT prompts and AI

  • Building ChatGPT-enabled AI tools for either personal or business use

  • Using AI to solve issues or increase productivity

  • Finding freelance work or making money off of your talents and skills

To enrol in this course, you do not require any coding or technical skills. All you need to get started with AI is a rudimentary understanding of its concepts and workings, an internet-connected computer or smartphone, curiosity, and a willingness to learn and experiment with various AI tools. Beginners interested in learning how to create and modify AI-powered applications without coding should take this course. You will still find this course useful even if you are an accomplished learner because you will discover new applications for Formwise and AI.

Thus, why do you delay? Start your AI journey with FormWise by Enrolling now!

For whom is this course intended?

Investigating AI's potential and possibilities.

Developing AI tools for either business or personal usage.

Using AI to solve issues or increase productivity.

Getting independent contractors or making money with your AI tools.

Playing with AI and picking up new skills.

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