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Google Chrome - Download video

Hi everyone! Michael is here. Today, we're going to Look at the five best Google Chrome AI extensions available for you today. They can help you. do things like write and reply to emails. They help you alongside Google searches, and They can even summarize YouTube videos like this one. Please stick around, though. I want to show them to you. Unfortunately, Google doesn't have any of this functionality. baked into their own consumer products yet, unlike say, Microsoft's Edge. However, there are There are still a lot of third-party extensions that have been developed that can bring about great functionality available to you today. Let's go check these out.

To kick things off, I'm going to show you the Chat GPT for Google extension. To get that, we are going to head to the Chrome web store and search for it. Additionally, you can find it below in the description. as well as in the card up in the top right. I will add that to Chrome, add the extension, and get this going. Once we have the Chat GPT for Google extension installed, we can begin searching immediately; no other steps are required. I am going to Search for How do I make chocolate chip cookies? getting here and seeing all the blue links, feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all the possible content I could digest, no pun intended.

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I noticed, though, that Chat GPT is over here on the Right is starting to really spin up its magic in this search experience. It's not only giving me all of the ingredients, but the instructions on how to bake these cookies. This is going to save me a lot of time in the future, and this is what I hope to see from all future searches when I'm looking for something very specific. The second extension for Chrome I'd like to highlight today is called Web ChatGPT. To access that, go up to your extensions and click on the Web Chat GPT icon. This will actually take us directly to ChatGPT.

While Chat GPT is very useful and powerful, It is a bit limited in that it doesn't have any reference points after the year 2021. This is where Web ChatGPT extension comes in. It allows us to reference the internet and current events. So, for example, if I were to type in, what is the Kevin Cookie Company today? It would not really have any answers for me. However, if I turn on this toggle called web access, which allows us to reference current events, I would actually get an answer from Chat GPT would summarize what it is. And here we see a very good summary of the Cookie Company based on recent information that's available online.

This is based on three web results down here. We can increase that all the way up to 10. ranges, and you can limit it to specific regions as well. Our third helpful extension is called ChatGPT Writer. It can help you compose and reply to emails. I saw an email request from someone at my company. Her name is Patti Fernandez. I'm going to take a Look at this. Oh, she asks if I can take a meeting for her at 5 a.m. I've worked a lot this week and I don't particularly want to do this. I'm going to use Chat GPT Writer to reply. There's a little icon. here at the bottom with a lightning bolt in it. This is the Chat GPT Writer icon. I will click on that.

Here you can see the email context is auto-filled in, so the Chat GPT extension will know what it's referencing. I'm going to ask it to write a witty email saying that I'm unable to make this time. Then I'll click Generate Reply. And there it is. ChatGPT Writer has created a witty response. to Patti. Obviously, you want to do a quick review of it yourself before hitting the insert. generated response button. ChatGPT Writer has the best functionality within Gmail, but you can use it anywhere else that you'd like to. It just doesn't have the nice insert functionality.

If you'd like to use it, Outside of Gmail, come up to the top right and click on extensions, which look like the puzzle. piece and click on the Chat GPT Writer icon, and it will bring up the prompt for you to use.

on any site you'd like. Our fourth extension is the YouTube Summary with Chat GPT. It is one of the most powerful. If you have the attention span of a hummingbird and can't stomach a two-minute video, You're in luck. By clicking on this button here, you will be provided with the entire transcript as well as the ability to summarize the contents of the video. We will click on this to view the AI summary. button.

This will open up Chat GPT, where it will summarize the following at the bottom of the screen. If I hit enter, it will summarize the entire video for me, so I don't have to bother. listening to Balmer talk about how the iPhone isn't going to be as impactful as he thinks it is. Our fifth and final Chrome extension that uses AI is the Tactiq Meeting Transcript extension. I would have loved something like this when I was back in the office, and we were always asked, is there a note-taker available in this meeting? What this does is right over here. On the right side, it transcribes everything that went on in the meeting. After it's done, you can go down to the bottom right and click the open the transcript button. This will bring up everything that was discussed in the meeting, and you can also use it to generate an AI summa.

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