Excel Beginner - How to Count Cells With Text

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Free Course Excel for Beginner Udemy Course

Excel for Beginners course.

You will master the principles of Excel and become a proficient user in this course. People who have never used Excel before and those at the beginner level are the intended audience for the course. Since you will be practicing in addition to the course, you will want a copy of Microsoft Excel for Windows. In the videos, I use Excel 2010 for Windows, but any version that supports Excel 2007 for Windows or later should work. Although the UI of Excel versions earlier than 2007 is different, the principles remain the same.

The course has been designed to be extremely simple to follow, as it is intended mostly for beginners. In the exercises, we will work with data pertaining to a bookstore. You can download the files and practice by watching the videos together with the audio. The subjects covered in the course are necessary for you to become a proficient user. To view a list of all the subjects the course will cover, download the Table of Contents from Chapter 1. The 9.5-hour course consists of 89 videos.

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