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Best 5 Text to Video Ai

Text To Video AI Generator

(Convert This Video to Text) text to video AI generator

and creators that'll help You create videos quickly and easily for social media sites such as Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube. Or you could even use these tools to create your promo. videos for your business. Essentially, these AI Video creators will be able to convert your text, which could be an article. could be your blog post,it could be text that you generate using Chat GPT or whatnot,and then find suitable stock videos and images that'll basically be related to the text that you import. So, with that said, let's run through the first tool,which is called Lucas AI Video Creator. At the moment, this tool is free,and you can generate up to 15 videos. You get 15 credits, and then that's it. There's no way to actually buy or pay for credits or use of Lucas at the moment since it is a research project.

The difference between this and the other tools that I'll be mentioning in this video is that It's chat-prompt-powered.You simply chat with the AI,and then it'll generate based on your text,as you can see with this example. So create a social media ad for my donut shop with that percentage off. 10% off, that is. And then it'll generate that video. To use this tool, simply Click on Try It For Free. Continue with your Google account. And right here is where you can start entering in your prompt what video you'd like the AI to create. If you'd like to see some examples,you can take a look at some of these. But in this case, we've got the I domoo video creator,and Lucas is the, I guess, the founder or developer. And all you need to do Just enter your prompt where the chat field is. Let's say we want to generate a 15-second clip about AI.

So let's enter and see what happens. All right, so it says, "Great idea! and the title says that it's come. up with is The AI Revolution,a 15-second video showcasing how AI is changing the way we live. And then we can now generate the video. So we'll click that once. And now it's completed. processing the videos. And we've got four to select from. And you can preview one. by simply clicking on any I'll click on this here. - [Narrator] Artificial Intelligence is changing the world as we know it. (gentle, upbeat music) AI is transforming industries.

from healthcare to finance. (gentle, upbeat music) AI is improving medical diagnosis and helping doctors detect diseases. earlier and more accurately. - As you saw there,it basically came up. with the stock videos. It also came up with a suitable soundtrack for it,which you do not need to use if you don't want it.

It's optional. In addition, what it has done is convert the text into speech or voice using an AI voice. Furthermore, with this tool, You can edit the video,and then this right pane will come up with the different scenes. You can change the media. if it's not related. Sometimes it happens. And we're not yet at the stage where the AI can get the perfect image or the perfect stock video. But you can fine-tune it and Change the text if you'd like. If it seems too long, you can summarize it a little more. You can even change the color. palette and the narrator,as well as the emotion that you want to evoke in this video. And once you're done, you You can download the video by clicking on Download. video watermark-free. So it's free, without any watermarks,and you're given 15 credits. Videos are stored on their server for up to 30 days,and then it gets deleted.

So that's something to note. All right, next up,the second text-to-video The generator tool is called Pictory. Right off the bat, the Pricing is not free. There is a free trial, however,just like the rest of the tools that I'll be mentioning in this video. You can generate up to three video projects, each lasting up to 10 minutes. long, and then that's it. So most of these tools and The rest of these tools I'll be mentioning do have some sort of free trial or free use, but there will be some sort of water mark or like an end screen with the credit to the actual brand. But that's typical, considering It is a video service where they need to store your videos somewhere,and that takes up a lot of storage. So therefore, it needs some of that running cost.

Pictory is more advanced,so if you want more flexibility, then this is a great tool. And in fact, I've tried out all the tools,and this, in my opinion, is one of the best. So you're given tools. such as script to video,where you can convert any script or text into a video. You can also convert existing articles from the web. Hopefully that will be yours,with your own copyright, right? So edit videos using text as well. And then visuals to video,which is basically full flexibility in terms of how you want to create your videos. But what we're going to do is use the script to video option and proceed. And this is where you start. entering your video name,and then your script—what you want to include in your video. I've entered this very short text,and it's about six tips to avoid burnout. A couple of options to highlight Here are scene settings,where you can auto-highlight keywords that you want to emphasize so that you are letting the AI knows what's important and what's not.

So this will automatically do it for you. You can also manually highlight. So let's say you want "burnout" to be in emphasis. You click on the Highlight option,and then that will help the AI. find better visuals related to this particular word. You can also create new scenes. based on sentence breaks,where you're breaking up the sentences,or based on line breaks, or both, which I've entered. The next step is to choose. a template from its library. You can choose, depending on the kind of look you want. So focus more on how you I want the captions to look and perhaps the colors, too. Don't focus so much on the actual background because it's going to automatically select an appropriate,you know, stock video for you. I like this one here, called Memory. I think it's quite suitable for this topic. I'll click on select. You then choose an aspect ratio. I'm going to choose 16:9 for YouTube videos. And then you'll be brought.

Best 5 Text to Video Ai

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